Shark attacks are rare in both Australia and New Zealand — according to DoC, over the past 170 years, there have only been 13 fatal shark attacks documented in NZ. The most recent seems to be this one from a year ago, described on the BBC website.

Off Waikanae Beach? Sharks appear in the water between Kapiti Island and the mainland from time to time. Karl Webber tells us: “Bronze whalers, White pointers, Tigers, Threashers. I caught a Hammerhead 20 odd years back.”

Despite that, we are confident there’s nothing to worry about.

Karl continues: “Sharks don’t eat people. The odd one may take a nip to see what we are and very rarely a white pointer may be between fish and seals transition and mistakes a human. I think that’s an issue if they get a taste. Sharks are really misunderstood. I freak out on them, but love and respect them. Really vital part of the cycle / food chain. I’m pretty sure they’re the oldest living thing from dinosaur days. The practice of finning them is tragic.”