from the RNZ website–

Former Labour Party MP Dame Tariana Turia says she has no confidence in Jacinda Ardern and says her government’s treatment of the protesters at Parliament is an abuse of its powers.

She told Karyn Hay on Lately that she sympathises with the protesters and stands with them and not the government.

“Because I don’t think any government has any right to dictate to sectors of New Zealand who disagree with them.”

She described the use of sprinklers, loud music and floodlights during the protest as “bullying behaviour”.

She said in principle she is against mandates.

“We trust people to do what we know to be best for themselves and you know to say that everybody has to do a particular action and it’s dictated by the government. I don’t think they’ve got any right ever to dictate to the people.”

Dame Tariana said she has no confidence in Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.

She said Ardern and Mallard have no right to treat New Zealanders in the way that they are treating them and believes they have overstepped their mark.

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