Anyone silly or masochistic enough to still watch the Legacy Media TV news will have seen the increasingly desperate attempts by the Left Wing Establishment to discredit the protestors, which are the lead items every night.

Great Dear Leader claimed on Monday evening that protestors threw ‘human feces’ at police. Then last night there were Legacy Media pictures showing what was alleged to be cops suffering from ‘a stinging substance’ that had been sprayed on them. And that a car had been driven into a group of them in Molesworth Street.

The Wellington Police Facebook page, however, didn’t go as far as the Legacy Media did:

Some officers are equipped with shields, in order to protect themselves from objects thrown by protesters, such as human waste. [One commentator on the Facebook page asked: “Can we see CCTV footage or personal camera footage of human waste been thrown at you please? You cannot make such a claim and not provide undeniable evidence of such claims.” The comment was quickly deleted by the police moderator so it probably didn’t happen.]

A large number of protesters have attempted to obstruct police from moving the concrete barriers.

Three officers were taken to hospital for a medical assessment this morning after being sprayed with a stinging substance that is still to be determined. All three are reported to be doing well. [Maybe it was vinegar? Posties sometimes carry water pistols filled with it when there is an aggressive dog on their routes. What about the pepper spray that the Coster Mob sprayed in the faces of peaceful protestors on Black Thursday 10 February? The Legacy Media avoided that.]

Other officers were fortunate to escape injury after a person deliberately drove the wrong way down Molesworth Street and stopped just short of colliding with them. [This sounds like a theatrical set-up. The protestors say it was a homeless man who had been given a car to do this by the police. After being dragged out on camera they took him away and let him go.]

Two people have been arrested for obstructing police and one person has been arrested for driving in a dangerous manner.

So nothing much, but the pro-Jacinda government Legacy Media hyped it to the max as you’d expect them to. While we can’t condone aggressive behaviour by protestors, if it was real, neither can we condone grevious bodily harm done by Coster’s Mob to peaceful protestors on Black Thursday, as Jacindanistas do rejoicingly. We really hope there is no more of it.


The ‘human waste’ is now said to have been a hot water bottle full of urine thrown in the direction of the cops.