by John Veysey

Last Saturday I drove in a Freedom Convoy in support of those in attendance on parliament grounds. We received a lot of waves and toots with banner-waving folk standing on the street. Sure, we received a couple of fingers and one woman yelled “Fascist” into our car window.

Before covid my understanding of politics was that right wingers were conservative, afraid of change while left wingers were more liberal and socially conscious.

What we have seen from Labour governments of the past is that they have been as “right wing” as the National Party. Their policies and actions follow a similar direction.

Thus when I hear the Labour Party being called left wing extremists because of the draconian measures with which they have controlled the people I can only marvel at the success of the misinformation fed to the hoi poloi through the Mainstream Media. Left has become right, right has become left. All the advantages advertised for getting jabbed are actually being experienced by the non-jabbed. On every topic reported by Mainstream Media, the exact opposite of what they are saying  appears to be true.

Those who follow the Mainstream Media are being swamped by a barrage of fictitious propaganda. Their thinking is no longer their own. If they were to look aside at some other source of news like Waikanae Watch, or simply talk about it with other people, they would have a chance of crawling out from under Jacinda’s web of control.

The longer it takes them to wake up and take action the deeper will be the trouble we get into and the greater the repairs we will have to make.

Arguably the difference from the old days is that the Left Wing has become the Establishment and its traditional economic Marxism has been replaced with Cultural Marxism, also called neo-Marxism. It is heavily into controlling people with extensive bureaucracy and autocracy.  The Right Wing nowadays are mostly Libertarians who believe in ‘live and let live’. —Eds