from Dr. Mercola

This story is about the situation in New Zealand and about Dr. Emanuel Garcia, a courageous doctor in New Zealand who has been very outspoken about the wrongs of the covid “health response.”

Early on, Dr. Garcia became courageously outspoken about the need to question the official covid narrative, about early treatments, and about the safety issues associated with covid injections. As a result of his opposition to the mandates, Dr. Garcia’s medical license was suspended.

Dr. Emanuel Garcia is a psychiatrist and also an accomplished writer. He received his medical degree from the University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine in 1986. He’s had a long and successful career in psychiatry and psychoanalysis in the U.S. — and then in 2006, he immigrated to New Zealand where he practiced medicine until it became impossible to do so without getting the jab.

I had the joy of interviewing Dr. Garcia for my podcast, Make Language Great Again, and I am very happy to share the interview with him.

During our conversation, Dr. Garcia and I talked about his long career, the current dangerous state of medicine, the abusive nature of the current “health response,” and the need to remain both brave and creative during these challenging times. I am including the full transcript of the interview at the end of the article.

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