A photo taken on 7 March, 5 days after the protest tent village was forcibly removed by state power.

by Geoffrey and Eva Churchman

Often the weekly giveaway Kapiti News doesn’t reach our mailbox — probably they don’t have enough deliverers — so we don’t get to read what the present mayor rambles on about in his weekly column, and that doesn’t bother us.

For a change, last week’s issue did arrive and in a skim through the pages we came upon a half page article written by him headed ‘Freedom from the negative impact of protestors.’ Yes, we can imagine when you’re a politician, having pesky protestors show up because of your policies wouldn’t be something you would enjoy. On the other hand, however, if you have something to protest about including when you’re the mayor of a district that might have its recreational airport closed, the attitude taken is quite likely to be the opposite.

When the issue is a protest over land ownership such as that at Bastion Point, Auckland during 1976-1978, his attitude is also different; in fact in 1982 he wrote a Master’s thesis on the subject.

The problem with his judgement on Freedom Village is that despite the impression given by the government propagandist TV One, Newshub and Stuff, retailers in the downtown area liked their presence — it meant a lot more customers than they would have otherwise had. The above photo shows just how quiet it was without them and the cops were in no hurry to remove their concrete blocks. Face-nappy wearers that these MSM outlets found to complain about the presence of protestors happily accepted massively greater arbitrary restrictions on where they could go because of government edict for much longer periods.

So many mainstream heavyweights came out in support of the protestors and their cause that the mayor’s opposition simply comes across as an unconvincing attempt to justify the KCDC management’s annoying, futile and costly (see earlier) imposition of vax passes.