Since the beginning of 2015 we’ve provided a news and views website for the people of Waikanae and more generally the people of Kapiti.

Although we’ve covered national and international issues since the early days, that has been greatly expanded in the last 3 years as the Mainstream Media has become increasingly unbalanced and partisan on behalf of the present government.

Unlike this government’s “Team of $55 Million” paid for propaganda, we get nothing for providing the other side of the story that the Establishment doesn’t want you to know. But as our traffic keeps showing massive growth — up 331% in 2021 on 2020 — the amount of time it has required has grown similarly and our ability to take on ‘pocket money’ paying jobs has shrunk. Not only that, data and storage charges we pay our platform host have jumped.

If you can help us a little financially, it would be very welcome: donations to this bank account:

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