President Joe Biden signed a funding bill into law Tuesday to keep the US government from shutting down through September, with the $1.5 trillion legislation including $13.6 billion in additional military and economic support for Ukraine amid the Russian special operation in the country.

The White House has announced that it will be “winding down” a range of COVID-related programmes, including efforts to detect new variants, and testing, treatment, vaccination and boosters for people without health insurance.

The move comes following Congress’s failure to add $22.5 billion in proposed Covid spending into the $1.5 trillion Consolidated Appropriations Act of 2022. Biden made no mention of the coronavirus in his speech Tuesday after signing the bill into law, apart from a side remark about the need to “take on the challenges of mental health, which have been exacerbated because of the Covid problem.”

Republican lawmakers resisted adding new spending for the coronavirus into the appropriations bill, citing the lack of clarity about where many of the dollars already appropriated over the past two years have gone.

In a “fact sheet” put out on its website Tuesday, the White House lamented that “as we enter a new moment in the pandemic, Congress has not provided us with the funding we need to continue the COVID-19 response and minimize the pandemic’s impact to the nation and our economy.”

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Which of course is excellent news; the amount of World economic and mental health damage that two years of relentless fear mongering over the WuWHO-Fauci flu has done far exceeds what has happened in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. In Jacindaland her paid Mainstream Media have tried to maintain the fear as we fully expected them to, but Freedom Village demonstrated that there’s nothing to be afraid of and Ukraine has become a great if regrettable distraction. —Eds