by Geoffrey Churchman

An article written by a Bridie Witton on Ms Boucher’s Stuff Media platform lays into Lance Goodman of Goodman Contracting which is Waikanae’s largest employer. Basically the theme of her hit job is “how dare a prominent businessman stand up for Freedom of Choice against the tyranny of the Jacinda Junta” which the participants in Ms Boucher’s Stuff [the Libertarians] have long made abundantly clear they are all devoted, biased supporters of.

Dripping with indignation, the piece begins “National Party leader Christopher Luxon has unwittingly met an anti-vaccine, anti-mandate business owner heavily involved in the Parliament occupation which disrupted capital life for weeks and put eight police officers in hospital.” Did it really Bridie? Walking around Wellington now without the Freedom Protesters is like walking through a ghost town. And what about the dozens of protesters that Coster’s thugs put into hospital? And what does it matter anyway, other than the Goodman company’s directors disagreed with your idol?

Ms Witton manages to deflect a potential complaint to the Media Council by quoting Luxon: “When asked whether it was appropriate for National to visit the company, Bishop said he didn’t know Goodman was involved in the protest but ‘people are entitled to do whatever they want, really. We are here because Goodmans is a major employer in the Kāpiti Coast and the Wellington region and obviously involved in major infrastructure projects,” he said. “What they do in their own time is up to them’.”

Exactly, so why can’t you see that Bridie? Or perhaps you can, but maybe you are obeying your employer’s instructions to attack opponents of the Jacinda Ardern regime when and wherever you can?

We know another prominent Waikanae business owner who was very tempted to join in the protest outside Parliament, but didn’t want to risk the retaliation that would result from deplorables like those in Ms Boucher’s Stuff and members of a certain authority. Good on the Goodmans!