Regime change hasn’t worked on the junior varsity nations the U.S. government has set its sights on, and now they want to try it against Russia, which is definitely varsity. From Matt Taibbi at How many examples of “regime change” blowing up in our faces do we really need before realizing that it’s a  a disastrous policy? Will we really try it with a nuclear-armed adversary? […]

“Regime Change” Doesn’t Work, You Morons, by Matt Taibbi — STRAIGHT LINE LOGIC

You can get rid of a dictator you don’t like the violent way as George W. Bush did in Iraq and Hillary Clinton did in Libya and tried to do in Syria; but what are the consequences going to be? Neither Dubya nor Jacinda’s mentor pal Hillary Clinton thought it through; but in all 3 countries it was a disaster. Biden makes clear that he (and his party) wanted and want that in Russia. Same consequence — a disaster, this time for most of the World.–Eds