by Cam Slater on the BFD

When the tyrant, Jacinda Ardern, talked about removing the ‘vaccine’ mandates from next week she also talked about keeping masking mandates in place. Apparently it is ‘too soon’ to remove them.

What remains in use at this level, is of course masks. I know they are new for us, and most people really dislike them – for good reason! But they are so critical, and one of the ways we can show care and respect for one another, including our immunocompromised community. —Prime Minister’s press release

And, of course, so-called experts made the call that it was ‘too soon’ to remove mask mandates. It is a refrain that we’ve heard over and over and over again, that it was ‘too soon’ to remove this measure or that policy.

We are constantly told to ‘follow the science’ but we are almost never told what the science with masks actually is. I wrote an article about the ever-changing mask advice that showed it has never been about the science.

The tyrant also claimed that mask use reduced transmission by 53%:

Research published in the British Medical Journal late last year shows that mask-wearing reduces new Covid-19 cases by 53 percent. Masks matter. –Prime Minister’s press statement

Unfortunately, the data of this study do not support the claims made by the Prime Minister. The media also failed to critically question her claims, perhaps because they, like other media, are only pushing the regime’s agenda. The research paper was represented with the headline “Mask wearing cuts Covid incidence by 53 % says global study” in many mainstream media outlets all over the world, and was presented in The Guardian by the text:

“Results from more than 30 studies from around the world were analyzed in detail, showing a statistically significant 53 % reduction in the incidence of Covid with mask wearing and 25 % reduction with physical distancing. Handwashing also indicated a substantial 53% reduction in Covid incidence although this was not statistically significant after adjusting for the small number of handwashing studies.”

The text and data of the study are different. In other words, both the Prime Minister AND the media have been spreading misinformation. What the much-vaunted BMJ study, that the Prime Minister referred to, actually said was:

“Overall pooled analysis of six studies on mask wearing showed a 53 % reduction in Covid19 incidence although heterogeneity between studies was substantial. The analysis on the effects of handwashing was estimated 53% non statistically significant reduction in Covid19 incidence. Pooled data analysis of five studies indicated 25 % reduction in incidence of Covid19 by physical distancing. Heterogeneity among studies was substantial and risk of bias ranged from moderate to serious or critical for the presented analysis with a special serious-high risk on confounding (Figure 2).

It was not possible to evaluate the impact of type of face mask (eg surgical, fabric, N95 respirators) and compliance and frequency of wearing masks owing to a lack of data. Similarly it was not feasible to assess the differences in effect that different recommendations for physical distances have as preventive strategies.” —BMJ

The British Medical Journal felt compelled to correct media claims that their report said that masks gave a 53% reduction in transmission adding further that:

Up to now there have been no studies that allow the conclusion that wearing masks beyond any doubt can protect against infection or transmission of the virus (2,5,15,16,18,19). A report of the ECDC concluded there is no real evidence in favour of facemasks (9).

However, a number of studies suggest that masks may be harmful to human health and climate. Toxic compounds such as graphene oxide have been found in masks. In several countries (Belgium, Germany, Canada, The Netherlands) masks delivered by governments have been retracted from the market (20,21,29).


The tyrant and her media shills are now well and truly busted for spreading misinformation and deliberately misrepresenting a scientific paper. That makes this case not just misinformation, but the much more serious disinformation.

Ian Miller remarks on the incidence of politicians and experts constantly saying it is ‘too soon’ to remove particular restrictions:

During the pandemic, an endlessly repeated phrase from experts, media members, politicians and social media pundits has been that it’s “too soon” to lift restrictions.

It’s important to deconstruct the intentions encapsulated in that phrase, because it’s remarkably pernicious.

The implication of the infuriating phrase, “it’s too soon to lift restrictions,” is that restrictions were proven to have had a demonstrable impact on the spread of COVID, which is entirely inaccurate. It also implies that restrictions should be considered necessary or valuable for a virus which will likely infect everyone on earth, possibly multiple times throughout their lifetime.

There’s also the unspoken assumption that restrictions are imposed at no cost; that masking kids in schools, for example, has little to no downside with significant benefits.

The “evidence” used by health officials to justify continued mask mandates has consistently been unbelievably flawed and thoroughly debunked. –Ian Miller

As real-world data from the Ministry of Health shows, mask mandates and indeed vaccine mandates have had little to no impact on preventing the spread of Omicron. This chart shows when restrictions and mandates were put in place:

Other real-world data show the same but also a dramatic fall in cases when masking restrictions are removed:

By pretending that mask mandates ever had any evidentiary or scientific basis and that the ‘benefits’ will always outweigh the harms, all the while ignoring the inescapable reality that Covid-19 will infect essentially everyone regardless of whatever policy setting or restrictions are in place, the phrase that it’s “too soon” is profoundly ignorant and extremely disturbing.

There is no foundation in science to support the continuation of mask mandates. It most certainly is not about health, but it is about maintaining fear in the general population so that they will willingly accept restrictions on their fundamental rights and freedoms.

We will all be waiting next Monday to hear from the ‘podium of truth’ but readers of this website will know that, whatever the tyrant pronounces, it won’t be based on science; it will be based on what the polls over the last week have shown the politicians. If the polls have remained steady, the restrictions will continue, as removing them removes the control the politicians have over you.

How often have you seen a dictator overthrown only to see the person who led the overthrow turn into the same as what came before? After they’ve tossed the oppressor from office they sit back and put their feet up on the former tyrant’s desk, light a cigar and slowly start to realise that they like the feel of that chair, that desk and the power that is now in their hands.

That is why we cannot trust any of the politicians currently in the parliament, because they ALL supported these ridiculous assaults on our rights and freedoms, and never once cried “Enough!”

You can end the mask mandates yourself and can righteously claim you are following the science, by simply refusing to comply. Be like me, proudly mask free. Take your rights and freedoms back because if you don’t you won’t get them back from the politicians who took them.

One advantage of the masks from Comrade Jacinda’s viewpoint is that members of her Coster Mob have their faces disguised to prevent identification in the event of complaints about their conduct.  The one on the left has the same type of gloves on that they were seen wearing on Ash Wednesday.  Are there steel pieces buried in them to make punches more brutal?  

The woman on the right is there taking close-up photos of the protesters’ faces with a zoom-lens camera.  Having those face nappies on makes returning the compliment to identify her and her buddy more difficult.