The concern is clearly a militating factor in support for candidate Marine Le Pen, although the hardest line on political Islam and its concomitant communitarianism (social organization based on small self-governing communities) is taken by Eric Zemmour who received a backlash recently when he vowed to deport 1 million migrants with criminal records. But a new poll says the majority — 55% — of the French people agree with him. Even 34% of Leftists agree.

The first column above asks who is the strongest defender of secularism, the second who is strongest struggler against community and identity withdrawals (from French society) and the third about who is the best opponent of Political Islam. A 23-page pdf on the subject is downloadable here.

The latest opinion poll from last Sunday shows the gap between Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen has narrowed — 27.5% to 22%.