An utterly incredible story of NZ-directed abuse!

By Papali’i Fuiavailili Ala’ilima.

The Islands that make up Tokelau are 500 km north of Samoa, and 1200 km east of Tuvalu.

These islands are difficult to get to.  There are no commercial flights in and out as there is no airport – although one is planned.

Transport to and from Tokelau is therefore by sea, on fortnightly boat services from the closest port in Apia, Samoa. The boat travels to all three atolls, taking approximately 24 hours to reach the southern most atoll of Fakaofo.

There are no deep-water passes into the lagoons and, since the barrier reefs shelve precipitously into deep water, ships must lie off the shores while cargo and passengers are transferred by canoe or small boat.

This makes Tokelau one of the safest places to be – for those still hiding under their beds worrying about a ‘global pandemic’ 

For instance, in the Global Pandemic of 1918 that resulted in the deaths of between 50 and 80 million world-wide (these are the best estimates if medical researchers as in many parts of the globe there were no records) – there were no recorded cases in Tokelau.

In fact, American Samoa was untouched by the 1918 Pandemic too.

Fast forward 100 years, to 15 December 2017 when New Zealand Minister of Foreign Affairs Winston Peters appointed Ross Ardern, father of Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern, as Administrator of Tokelau.

The Administrator of Tokelau does not live on the islands; his office is part of the Special Relations Unit within MFAT and NZAID in Wellington. This unit is mandated to oversee NZ’s relationship with Tokelau and Nuie.  Ross Ardern lives in Auckland …

The Administrator is charged with administration of the executive Government of Tokelau (population 1500). In practice the Administrator’s powers are largely delegated to the Tokelauan institutions since 1994. However, the Administrator still plays a key role in the partnership between NZ and Tokelau – and acts as the principal contact between Tokelau and the New Zealand Government. In this regard he seeks to work constructively with Tokelau to assist it in maintaining a good and satisfactory standard of services and infrastructure in Tokelau.

Early in his police career, Ross Ardern was involved in the Dawn Raids of the 1970s, in which police raided Pacific Islander’s homes in Auckland in search of ‘overstayers’.  They were rather heavy-handed. 

In July 2021, the New Zealand government, as part of its “keeping everyone safe” from covid-19 campaign, despatched a Navy ship to take the Pfizer mRNA injections all the way to remote Tokelau.

This exercise further reinforced the difficulty in getting to Tokelau.  Did the islanders need to be ‘vaccinated’?

Perhaps not.  And it seems that some of them decided to exercise their democratic right not to have anyone inject mRNA into their bodies.

However, it has been reported that “99 per cent of those 16 and older fully immunised against Covid-19.”  More than enough to confer Herd Immunity, surely?

Apparently not!

Tokelau House Arrests Now Include Children

The Daily Examiner

By Papali’i Fuiavailili Ala’ilima.

On Friday night, the Talanoa Sa’o team welcomed back previous guests, Pastors Danny and Sarah Pelasio of Brisbane, Australia. 

Danny and Sarah provided the team with an update on the Tokelau government’s heavy-handed treatment of families in Tokelau. Specifically, those who have refused the “free” Pfizer Covid-19 vaccination provided by the New Zealand government. These families have been placed under House Arrest, more recently named “House Isolation”. Some have been under “house isolation” for eight months now. Things won’t change anytime soon unless the families comply with the Tokelau government’s Covid vaccination policy, which seems similar to New Zealand’s Covid policy. 

Some have asked why they haven’t adjusted the Covid Policy in Tokelau since New Zealand has fewer restrictions? Incredibly, Tokelau does not have a single case of Covid on the island, yet they have to adhere to strict regulations.

The Tokelau government has now begun the forced vaccination roll-out for children from 5 years. Any parent who refuses to have their child injected with messenger RNA is to be placed under house arrest/isolation directly.

During our first interview with Danny and Sarah, acting as advocates, the locked-down families in Tokelau preferred to stay anonymous for personal reasons. Since their children from 5 years are now targeted for vaccination while being treated the same way as adults, they feel that they cannot remain anonymous any longer. And with some facing over eight months on home lockdown, this has prompted a change in silence.

I had the opportunity to speak with several people from the affected families in Tokelau. After personally hearing their grievances, I was shocked at what the families told me. For many months they have not been allowed to leave their homes or receive any visitors. They have survived through their Christian Faith and the generosity of community members sympathetic to their plight and who smuggled produce and groceries to them.

Our Pacific cultures do not operate like this. Whoever came up with this plan needs to rethink a new strategy that works in a Pacific context. 

These bullying tactics need to stop now.

For those who are unfamiliar with the Pacific Island atolls of Tokelau and its connections to New Zealand, here is a brief overview:

Previously known as the Union Islands, in 1976, its official name became Tokelau. Tokelau is made up of three tropical coral atolls: Atafu, Nukunonu and Fakaofo. These atolls have a combined land area of 10 square km (4 square miles), located north of Samoa and east of Tuvalu. The population is around 1500.

As small as it is, Tokelau has been a dependent territory of New Zealand since 11 February 1926. The Queen of England is the Head of State (as part of the Commonwealth), represented by an administrator appointed by the New Zealand Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

The question is whether there was any nepotism involved in the selection of Ross Ardern as Administrator of Tokelau?

In response to the Talanoa Sa’o team asking how New Zealanders might support those under house arrest, Danny and Sarah advised that a first step is to write to Ross Ardern, protesting the treatment of the Tokelau families being locked down. Mr Ardern’s email address is

The Tokelau government have not yet replied to requests by Talanoa Sa’o.

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