by Warren Voight

The recent document dump from Pfizer shows the covid ‘vaccine’ was not adequately tested, has an appalling Risk/Benefit ratio and is only 12% effective. This experimental ‘snake oil’ was forced onto innocent trusting Kiwis and has caused untold injury of inflammatory conditions due to the Spike Protein activation caused in the body. People I know have died or been harmed permanently i.e. carditis, rheumatoid conditions and AVT requiring induced coma and a pacemaker etc. Others have still contracted covid, but strangely although people have died ‘with’ covid, nobody is dying ‘from’ covid, even the unvaccinated, more strangely. Yet the Government continues to push this concoction onto the population with mandates still in effect in the Health, Education, Armed Forces and Police etc. Why?

Chris James from Medsafe could not approve this due to insufficient safety and efficacy data; he referred the decision over to the Medicines Assessment Advisory Committee to make the call. Names withheld, of course. I have a copy of the minutes for the Medsafe meeting outlining such concerns and the provisional 750,000 dose approval (not 7,000,000). That this malfeasant Government could ignore the facts shows callous disregard for the health of all Kiwis.