She was in her element addressing 8,000 Harvard graduates this past week. Although the 25 minute speech would have been mostly written by her department (the teleprompter containing it regularly failed), she had a big input into it.

The contradictions and inconsistencies of, for example, on one hand proclaiming that abortion is a case of “my body, my choice” and then saying it’s not “my body, my choice” when it comes to coercing people to have injected into them a shonky substance, multiple times, particularly when it is demonstrably ineffective in doing what it’s claimed to, just seem to escape her.

She still seems to think that grabbing guns off law-abiding citizens but not criminals and gangs has made people safer. She refuses to admit that nearly all the violence in Freedom Village outside Parliament earlier this year was committed by her Police force on orders from her and Mallard, and not by the protestors. She won’t admit that her Police commanders told lies which were repeated by her bought and paid Mainstream Media.

Like most in her caucus she only believes in Free Speech for her views on the way society should be controlled and not for those who disagree with her. What they have to say is attacked, vilified and censored. She creates racial divisions by emphasizing the importance of bloodlines and consciousness of them.

She can’t see that people are tired of being preached to by a Machiavellian sociopathic liar who is simply there to advance her screwball political ideology — which has seen her Government making rich elites richer and poor people poorer — at any and all cost.

Just go away and let others attempt to heal the damage you’ve caused, Jacinda.