How would you like to bring a little Magic to your gardens, all plants as well as your house plants?

There is a very simple way which many gardeners have found to their delight; MBL – Magic Botanical Liquid.

You could call it Magic Prehistoric Compost Tea as it is derived from sediment that was formed millions of years ago when the planet was new and bursting with life.

Things grew ginormous back then plants were several times larger than their counter parts of our times and the animals or dinosaurs were in most part monsters as well.

What made them so?

It was the rich minerals of the time along with the highest levels of CO2 the world has ever known.

CO2 varied between 2000 to 4000 ppm 65 million years ago.

Currently we have only 387 to 420 ppm which means plants do not grow as big as quickly as they did 65 million years ago.

Bring a little Magic to your gardens (Wally Richards) — Rangitikei Environmental Health Watch