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The ‘Dirty Dozen’ is actually what was once called a Baker’s Dozen — 13 rather than 12.

If you aren’t angry with the way the country is being run, you ought to be angry at the way twelve Kiwis and Kiwi organisations are being treated right now in 2022. Some New Zealanders’ lives are being attacked by a Labour Government, which is prying and snooping on its citizens’ lives and into their accounts.

Jacinda Ardern doesn’t have original ideas; she just copies other countries. She set up a Disinformation Project, employing people to search out individuals having a different point of view from the Government’s.

It has become obvious that this meddlesome spotlight is not simply to analyse what is being said on and offline and write a long report. Instead, it is designed to first identify people and groups and to then cancel them.

The ‘Aotearoa Dozen’ or the ‘dirty dozen’ are called “super spreaders”. The Disinformation Project have published their names, shamed and vilified them as disinformation conspirators. On a recent RNZ interview, Kate Hannah, the “Disinformation Project” director said:

The key is they mustn’t be left unchecked as it could impact the election cycle.

These people are not convicted murderers, like the characters in the Dirty Dozen movie, but are twelve very ordinary people or groups.

Many of us know them and are furious they are on such a list as they are decent and/or professional people.

The New Zealanders or groups named by the Disinformation Director are above.

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It’s a bit surprising the BFD hasn’t been included. Some of these — especially the Rights and Freedoms Coalition and the Sovereign Hikoi of Truth — are predominately Maori which makes it a bit difficult for the Jacinda government to use their usual ‘racist’ allegation for anyone who opposes their regime, but of course every other smear they can think of is. All named should all consider being included on the list for exposing this government’s lies, subterfuge and cover-ups as a badge of honor ! —Eds