from Christopher Ruthe

Nudged into Lockdown? Behaviour Economics, Uncertainty and Covid-19 by Ananish Chaudhuri, Professor of Experimental Economics at the University of Auckland. He has taught at Harvard Kennedy School, Rutgers University and Washington State University. It looks at the decision-making that drove New Zealand’s Covid-19 response.

Professor Chaudhuri believes the aggregate cost of lockdowns will ultimately lead to a greater loss of life than the virus.

He writes: “…worldwide, there was tremendous emphasis on calling upon epidemiological expertise without an adequate appreciation that Covid-19 was not merely an epidemiological crisis; it was an economic, social and moral crisis that required multi-disciplinary expertise to assess and address different facets of the pandemic.”

Even Hipkins now admits that the length of the Auckland Lockdown of August–November 2021 was a big mistake. Who were the highly paid academics pushing it the most? Hendy, Bloomfield, Michael Baker and ‘Pinky.’