Cindy De Villiers

We are doctors that have stood up for patients’ rights and human rights. We’ve been doing this work because we’ve been horrified by what we’ve seen. Many of us lost our jobs and our registrations as doctors exactly because we spoke out.

It’s been horrifying to watch the government steamroll over the basic rights of New Zealanders. It’s been terrifying to see the numerous injured by the injections. But forming NZDSOS has given us hope that collectively we will win this fight.

Last week, I took a quick glance at our numbers.

We’ve only been at this since May 2021, but over 49,600 people have already signed our declaration in support of the Hippocratic Oath, Informed Consent, and the New Zealand Bill of Rights.

Since November, we’ve seen over 3000 patients in our Health Helpline clinic and raised (and spent) over $300,000 towards legal advocacy challenging our dishonourable government in court.

Our sovereignty is more important than ever. We’re willing to keep this fight going – we can save our health autonomy and sovereignty if we don’t give up.

The government has shown that they will not stop until they fully control our bodies and lives. They’ve shown they are willing to sacrifice our safety and health for their agenda. We cannot and will not let that happen.

As more and more humans become liberated and see what is in front of their eyes, our opportunity to co-create a better way becomes greater.

This is just the beginning. We’re so grateful for everyone that has been involved so far, our volunteers, readers, and our supporters. There are bright days ahead of us, but until then we will keep fighting for you.

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