Gary Simpson (photo from 2015 on his last day as boss of Porirua City Council)

He started on Friday 1 July. He was also given the same role after Dougherty quit in December 2017, see this post from the time. On that occasion he was appointed for 5 months until the process of selecting a replacement for Dougherty was complete. Currently he is also a independent member of the Audit and Risk committee.

The process for a long-term replacement for Maxwell has been underway for some months now and the vacancy has been advertised by recruitment firm Jackson-Stone. Cr Martin Halliday tells us: “the interview process etc. is where things are at currently. I think that there will be an announcement around the outcome of that in the not too distant future which will inform potential candidates [for the local elections] of the situation. I’m afraid I cannot elaborate any more than that due to confidentially issues and the agreed process that we councillors are working towards.”