The nation is the world’s 5th largest food exporter

Tractors drive by Dutch police officers standing guard as dutch police close access to Apeldoorn on the A1 highway to stop potential farmers demonstrating against the Dutch government’s plans to cut nitrogen emissions, on 29 June 2022. (pic by Jeroen Jumelet/ANP/AFP)

Dutch farmers are continuing their demonstrations against a government climate policy that officials expect to end many farmers’ livelihoods, with organizers on Telegram planning July 4 protests they say will “flatten” the whole of the Netherlands.

The message calls on concerned farmers and citizens to organize their own regional actions with the goal of closing all “distribution centers for food supplies and all major polluters” until “the government changes its plans.”

One viral call for a July 4 protest came from a large truckers’ Telegram group, suggesting that some truckers in the Netherlands may find themselves in solidarity with the nation’s agriculturalists.

The farmers, who plan to protest at many of the nation’s airports, specifically mentioned Schiphol and Eindhoven. has reported that spokespersons for both airports say they are monitoring the situation but have little information at present.

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