Yes folks, according to this article, which appears to have been written in all seriousness:

Maori are well known for using the stars and the moon to navigate across the ocean in their waka.

Not so well known to non-Maori is their tradition of using the moon and stars to help treat mental health issues.

It’s called maramataka and will be incorporated into treatment by the new Maori Health Authority.

The new Maori Health Authority has a budget of half a billion dollars and CEO Riana Manuel has allocated $100 million of that to support centuries-old treatments.

And if you call it mumbo-jumbo and hocus pocus and a waste of Taxpayer money, you’ll no doubt go on the radar of the Thought Police.

Cam Slater, who has been on the Jacinda government’s Thought Police hit list for quite a while, declares he is a heretic and takes it all apart here

But for believers and new converts, KCDC has produced a calendar:

Their blurb:

The Maramataka 2022/23 was launched on 27 June at the Kotare Room, Te Ramaroa, QEII Park. Copies are available for purchase at Kāpiti Coast District Council service centres for $15 each. 

This year’s Maramataka has a focus on Rongoā Māori, the traditional Māori healing system passed down through many generations, and has been prepared by the Rongoā Collective of the A.R.T. Confederation. [rongoa = medicine]

We hope the sales and not Ratepayers will pay for the production cost.