While the KCDC has been good at Smoke & Mirrors, the Jacinda government is the maestro of it.

Here’s a comment on a BFD post by someone using using this handle.

I was having a discussion yesterday about how the NZ population has largely been conditioned to respond to government/media propaganda.
* If we don’t get vaxxed, we will all die.
* If we don’t wear masks, we will all die.
* If we are vax hesitant, we are putting others at risk and we will all die.
* If we don’t get the booster, we will all die.
* If we’re don’t submit and don’t become part of the team of 5 million, we will all die.
* Vaxxed people have the government anointed right to seek out, bully, harass and deplatform unvaxxed people because those unvaxxed people want to kill us
* If you don’t get vaxxed, you will get fired and lose the ability to provide for your family. And possibly kill them because you won’t get vaxxed.
* Co-workers can claim they feel unsafe with unvaxxed people and have them fired.

If you wake up in the morning feeling under the weather, the first thing you think is ‘do I have covid?’
A slight sniffle? ‘do I have covid?
A bit tired. ‘Do I have covid?’

A lot of the people who have jumped boots and all into this blinkered zealotry are supposedly educated, intelligent people.

Who have all turned into a 21st century version of Pavlov’s Dog.

How does the Jacinda regime manage to retain even 35% support in the polls? The below list explains that — TV One News is a devoted propagandist for her and her government and has a big audience.