by Geoffrey Churchman

Obviously, not in Jacindaland at present, we have the opposite problem. But a European heatwave, even if it’s a short-lived one, is cause for ecstacy — it shows Greta is right! At least a few degrees up on normal will do that, but several degrees below normal won’t show that she’s wrong, of course, as we’ve seen.

Their London-based reporter Daniel Faitaua was certainly excited last night — “people have to stay out of the hot sun” — well, yes, that’s the sensible approach to take. “Railway tracks will melt” he proclaimed. Um, does he know what temperature is required for steel to melt? It seems not. But steel will expand when hot and if that happens too much it can cause rails to distort and slow speeds are needed. The word “distort” apparently wasn’t enough for TV1’s Climatists, though, and it’s a bit close to describing what they do with the News.

How abnormal is it really? Eva and I have been in 35C in Berlin and Krakow in summer and while it’s a little uncomfortable it was nothing remarkable. We’ve been in the same temperature in Madrid in September; presumably, in peak summer in July it gets up on that regularly considering how far inland it is. But for where Daniel is, temperatures for today and Tuesday are hot, but then it cools. Never mind, back to Covidiocy and Ukraine and Carbon Dioxide and the cuddly Jacinda Junta.

Madrid is hot with peak summer temperatures like those of Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth.
But Marseille this week looks wonderful. Oh la la!
London: yep, stay in the shade on Monday and Tuesday, back to July normal after that.