The ‘Dr Evil’ of Jacindaland, goodbye and good riddance.

by Cam Slater on the BFD

Ashley Bloomfield tells everyone to keep on jabbing on his last day at work

While everyone was busily patting Ashley Bloomfield on the back for a job well done, the latest statistics were released showing that yesterday was our biggest daily death toll from Covid, despite all the jabbing, mandates and mask wearing. The. Single. Biggest. Day. For. Deaths. Jab, jab, jab…then you die.

I bet you didn’t know that, since all the mainstream news outlets quietly ran anything but that.

Instead of patting him on the back for a job well done, he should be getting booted in the arse for being a fool.

The previous worst day was 10 deaths lower at 34, back in March this year.

So much for the advice of Ashley Bloomfield as he exits his job:

Research shows getting boostered is one of the most critical things someone can do to reduce the risk of dying from covid-19,” Dr Bloomfield says. People not fully vaccinated against covid-19 (meaning less than two doses) is six times more likely to die if they catch covid-19 compared to someone with at least one booster dose.


The statistics say otherwise. Just remember that Jacinda Ardern told everyone that if you got vaccinated you wouldn’t get sick and you wouldn’t die.

Joe Biden even said that if you got vaccinated then you wouldn’t even catch it:

Bloomfield’s claims are a lie. The statistics show otherwise. The vast majority of deaths now are among the boosted.

It’s so bad that the Ministry of Health has deep sixed the statistics so you can no longer see the huge disparity.

More vaxxed and boosted people are filling up the hospitals and more vaxxed and boosted people are dying.

Covid-19 is no longer a disease of the unvaccinated, it is now a disease of the vaccinated.

Most of the deaths are over 70s, and those are among the most highly vaccinated and boosted in the country.

Do these fools not understand that continuing to push a vaccine produced to defeat alpha, which only exists in a lab now, onto a population to try and mitigate Omicron and its variants is an exercise in not only futility but is also mind-bogglingly stupid?

Alex Berenson puts it succinctly:

The failure of the mRNA shots, after the hype that surrounded them when they were introduced in 2020, is deeply disappointing.

The development of new medicines cannot be rushed, as much as we might hope they might. Regulators and ethical scientists must insist on properly designed and run clinical trials before approving any new drug or vaccine.

But the failure of the vaccines is actually less corrosive at this point than the grim refusal by public health authorities, politicians, and the media to admit that failure.

Practically everyone knows the truth. How can I be so sure? In the most basic way. No one gets mRNA shots anymore – not for themselves, and not for their kids. More than a month after regulators broke every guideline they have to approve the shots for children under 5, more than 97 percent of kids that age remain unjabbed.

Overall uptake has also cratered. Even with 19 million small children now eligible, the media and health authorities endlessly pushing boosters and reboosters (maintain, granny, maintain!), and some colleges insanely demanding boosters of their students, Americans are getting fewer than a quarter-million Covid jabs a day.

–Alex Berenson

And yet there was Bloomfield continuing to push the narrative and the poison with his last words as he walked out the door. He’s more evil than Jacinda Ardern because he actually has the qualifications to know better.

He has plenty of acts of evil pencilled in beside his name, plus the countless times that he lied.

It was him who banned cheap therapeutics, like ivermectin, which has now been proven in large studies to be effective as a prophylaxis treatment for Covid-19.

Instead, he pushed the poison of Pfizer’s so-called vaccine and now we are reaping the whirlwind of vaccine resistant variants and vaccine injuries.

He ignored the country’s pandemic plan and pushed hard lockdowns and inane restrictions on our personal liberties. He also banned the importation of alternative testing kits, literally stole private supplies of RAT tests when the Government was caught short, and broke the law with draconian health orders and quarantine procedures.

On the day he left office, New Zealand had its biggest ever day for deaths and most of them were vaccinated. That is not something he should be proud of; he should be ashamed. But none of these clowns is. That’s the problem.

Again it is Alex Berenson who explains that problem:

The problem is this: the relentless denial of an obvious truth from the highest levels of media and government is gasoline for the fire of conspiracy theorists. If they’ll lie about the vaccines when everyone can see the vaccines don’t work, what else will they lie about? And why did they lie in the first place? Deeeeepopulation, it’s a thing.

Well, they lied because they wanted Covid to end so badly that they ignored all the obvious problems in the clinical trials. As for what else they’ll lie about? I don’t know. But – and I can’t believe I have to say this – I don’t think Bill Gates wants to depopulate the world. He can just buy Montana if he wants privacy. My conspiracy theory: Really rich people don’t care enough about you to want you dead!

Anyway, it would be really nice if the people in charge would admit the truth, the vaccines didn’t work as promised and now we have to hope no more virulent Sars-Cov-2 variant comes around to do massive damage.

Okay, I guess I can see the problem with the truth. Still, they aren’t doing themselves – or the rest of us – any favors. But we do get unintentional comedy from the likes of Jacinda Arcern, the prime minister of New Zealand and hero of the left, who has truly lost the plot and now appears to be auditioning for a role as Cersei Lannister’s less personable cousin.

–Alex Berenson

Ashley Bloomfield should not be lauded, he should be on trial for causing huge harm to the population. He literally is our Dr Evil.