Free speech campaigners slam officers who think it’s their job to be political guardians

A police chief has scrapped a controversial hate crime awareness course which which gave alleged offenders the chance to avoid prosecution.

Previously, people accused of racism, sexism, misogyny and transphobia in Hampshire would have been offered a two-hour educational session instead of prosecution, but the course has now been scrapped following concerns that it was being used in order to challenge a person’s legitimately held political beliefs.

The course was funded out of the Police and Crime Commissioner’s budget but new PCC Donna Jones has pulled the plug and saying she wants the restorative justice solutions “used in the right way”.

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In Jacindaland many will say blatant bigots like Joanna Kidman, Meng Foon and Rawiri Waititi deserve to be arrested under Section 61 of the Human Rights Act for their offensive, hate-filled statements about those of European descent. But those who believe in Free Speech will say no, Free Speech means that and their hateful comments aren’t specific enough to be successfully prosecuted. See many earlier posts on the subject. —Eds