We’ve had an appreciative letter from Anna, Admin of New Zealand Doctors Speaking out with Science about our attempts to expose the corrupt nature of the Jacinda regime and its propaganda about the experimental substance concocted in 2020 by the massively wealthy Pfizer industrial concern, showing the falsehoods, cover-ups and subterfuge by the Jacinda cabinet, their functionaries, and Pfizer.

“I have on a number of occasions had supporters send me articles from Waikanae Watch when pertinent to the respiratory illness narrative.  Great articles and I have since shared some with colleagues.

“I meant to get in touch sooner but our usual combat for freedom takes up a fair bit of time.  I just want to point out that the Police are not investigating as per your Monday 18 July post ‘Comrade Jacinda left reeling as NZ Police look at investigating covid Jab deaths’.  This was going around everywhere for some reason, but I can confirm it is not so.  We had a very dismissive letter from the Police Legal team on 16 June 2022 saying blah blah blah that they “do not intend to respond by way of an investigation of Medsafe or other agencies involved in the administration of the covid-19 vaccine”.  End of story.

“We have now started an initiative for those individuals who want to help wake up NZ and do something proactive and this involves printing off the letter addressed to the Police and delivering that to police stations or individual police officers. Here is the link  here to the letter if you are interested:  Letter to Police Aug 2022 – How You Can Help | NZ Doctors Speaking Out With Science (nzdsos.com)

Thank you for your good work in countering the propaganda.

Below is our heartfelt letter to police.

We don’t have the names and addresses of each police officer in New Zealand, so we are asking for your help to get this letter to as many police officers as possible. If you have a friend or family member who is a police officer, and you think they would benefit form reading it, please hand deliver, e-mail, send a link, pop in their letterbox or post a copy of the letter to them. Alternatively, print off several copies and go to your police station and have a conversation with the duty officer and deliver the letter.

Let us know how things went. While we may publish a follow-up with details of the numbers of letters set etc, we will never publish the names of those who have sent the letters.