Just take a look at that first chart.

From Thorsteinn Siglaugsson at 2ndsmartestguyintheworld.substack.com:   According to a response to an official request for information from the German Techniker Krankenkasse insurer, the number of billed cases of vaccine-related adverse effects needing medical treatment skyrocketed in 2021 compared with 2019 and 2020. The request relates to four diagnostic codes:

T.88.0: Infection following immunisation

T.88.1: Other complications after immunisation

U.12.9: Adverse effects after Covid-19 immunisation

Y.59.9: Complications due to vaccines or biological substances

In 2019, the total number of confirmed diagnoses was 13,777. In 2020 it was 15,044. In 2021 the total number was 437,593. This is more than thirty-fold the average for those four codes in 2019-2020, a 2,937% increase.

Large German Insurer Reports Staggering Rise in Adverse Effects from COVID-19 Vaccines, by Thorsteinn Siglaugsson — STRAIGHT LINE LOGIC