Karl Webber is a Kapiti District Treasure; not just a really nice guy, but a good thinker, very knowledgeable, interested in what’s good for everyone in the district — but Paraparaumu in particular — and keen on fairness. We’ve known him for about 5 years and he’s one of the people we discuss and consult with the most about Kapiti issues.

His whanau are from all 3 mandated local Iwi, thus mana whenua and are now 7+ generations at Paraparaumu Beach and Kapiti Island, hence their status as Haukainga (true home people) at Paraparaumu Beach. While having a good knowledge of Maoritanga, he isn’t into imposing it on people — everyone has their own cultural and recreational interests.

We’ve posted many of his great photos taken of the coast and around Kapiti Island.

Karl with 5 month old mokopuna (grandson) Tukuamru Te Kakakura Shaw Webber.

He says: “I have a passion for the Kapiti Coast and am always looking for ways to support and add value to our community. I have been heavily involved in community focused work for the past 30 years, while raising my two children. I am well known on the coast for weaving people together, I like to connect and strengthen networks for the greater good of all parties. My focus on innovation and creative solutions has served me well in the community projects I have had the privilege of working on. My goal is to continue to be active in our community spaces and facilitate better connectivity and discussions between our community and elected members of council in regards to local issues and funding opportunities.”

“I guess one of the privileges I have is having an excellent network of people in the community from all walks of life. I have good relationships with most if not all current elected members, many of our current community board members and also many of the new candidates for council.”

He also has some pretty good relationships and connections with council staffers.

He’s a good friend of present Paraparaumu Ward co-Councillor Martin Halliday who this time is running for Mayor, and is fully supporting Martin.

Karl often travels across the water to a second home at Motungarara (Fisherman’s) Island at the southeast end of Kapiti Island.

“I think it’s fantastic we have an opportunity to kick this next triennium off with a new mayor and new CE, I hope we see more of a team effort going on in council this next term, both elected members and com boards and also in council operations.”

He says some feedback to the new elected members over where council is currently at with the organisational review recommendations would be good and wants to see KCDC undertake a councilmark review with LGNZ sooner rather than later to give elected members an idea where it is at compared to other councils.

“I think there’s some big discussions coming up including 3 waters, building intensification, managed retreat, carbon emissions stuff, Iwi input to council and voting, housing and a host of other things. For me it’s really important there’s good connectivity to the wider community and they all have the opportunity to understand what’s going on in council and are able to have some input. That’s where I feel it’s important that Community Boards step up more in this space, we need to help make the elected members’ jobs easier / more efficient when it comes to connectivity to the community.”