Comment by Carol Sawyer

From 6 February to 2 March, 2022, Jacinda Ardern refused to address the hundreds of anti-mandate protestors camped in Parliament grounds. Not one MP from any political party addressed them. Ardern refused to condemn Minister of Transport and Deputy Leader of the House, Michael Wood, for calling them “a river of filth” and “ferals”.

We all know what happened on 2 March — she and Mallard ordered Coster’s bovver boys to charge in with all their weapons against peaceful protestors [see earlier posts] and give them a beating, steal their property and try to frame the protestors with false claims.

Does this behaviour align with her statement to the United Nations that “In … New Zealand, we deeply value our right to protest”?

Comment by the Freedom and Rights Coalition

Jacinda has just given a speech to the United Nations.

There’s much to be disturbed about as you read her transcript..but the following remark caught our eye as quite frankly laughable.

Jacinda said “In Aotearoa New Zealand, we deeply value our right to protest. Some of our major social progress has been brought about by hikoi or people power…” (she obviously knows that worldwide she now holds the reputation as the world leader with quite possibly the most protests, so she’s spinning it … trying to capitalise on it).

Yeah right! She has vilified anyone over this past period who are protestors.

But of course, this is all followed with an even bigger BUT! And of course, this BUT speaks to her wanting even more control over us.

She goes on to say… “Upholding these values in a modern environment translates into protecting a free, secure and open internet. To realise all of the opportunities that it presents in the way we communicate, organise and gather.”

“BUT that does not mean the absence of transparency, expectations or even rules. If we correctly identify what it is we are trying to prevent.”

“And surely we can start with violent extremism and terrorist content online.”

Read the transcript for yourself here:…/full-speech-jacinda-ardern…