by JC from the BFD

Following on from Cam’s excellent piece on the subject of the broadcasting merger I would like to share my thoughts. As someone who has worked in the media (radio), I find it obvious this dreamed-up self-serving nonsense will never work in practice. The reasons why, I will explain later.

Watching Jackson answering questions from National’s Melissa Lee on the TVNZ/RNZ merger was nothing short of comedy gold. His answers were a reflection of the contents of the bill: rubbish. It would be difficult enough for a person of reasonable intelligence to defend this piece of left-wing ideology, but for Jackson it is impossible. He has been presented with the Everest of his political career but, to use a skiing analogy, his crampons have failed him.

There is no way Jackson is going to get traction with this piece of blatant leftist ideology. There is no secure travel for the obvious commandeering of the government-owned media for purely propaganda purposes. Jackson knows full well the real intent of the bill is to promote his version of what he thinks the government-controlled media landscape should look like and how much Maori language and culture we should be subjected to.

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