from Kerry Neal – Nelson Mayoral Candidate

Nonsensical Requirement on Candidates

How much more ridiculous can things get?  Well, they can.  The Electoral Commission states that to avoid influencing voters, candidates must take down advertising material the day before election day.  The fact that people have been voting for weeks before election day, makes an absolute mockery of the Electoral Commission’s statement.

Local Government NZ CEO’s Rude Awakening

LGNZ’s Chief Executive Officer’s startling admission that we should return to a one polling day system is clear recognition of the fact that the current absurd and overly complex local government election process is farcical and a complete failure.

Serious Lack of Transparency Within Nelson City Council

The 2002 Local Government Act specifically states that councils must engage with constituents before final decisions are made.  Lawyer, John Fitchett is absolutely correct.  The current council has not acted lawfully over recent property purchases and forays into dubious commercial enterprises (think electric buses etc.).  Comments into what you are about to read, reinforces the above.

Twelve weeks ago, at the start of my campaign, I semi-flippantly stated that never in Nelson’s history have so few done so much damage to so many.  The latest stories on the library and City Hall have now confirmed just how out of touch with the practical world your current council is. 

To reinforce the point, the following is an address I gave to Nelson West Rotary who, over the last few weeks has invited candidates to speak on their policies.  When you read my address, you may agree with me that I may not be invited back but that will not deter me from saying what must be said.

Address to Rotary Club of Nelson West – 28 September 2022

You might not like my opening salvo but you would have difficulty disagreeing with me.

If you think there is no corruption in NZ, you’re not looking in the right place.  We are in the midst of a massive agenda of social engineering, promoted primarily by the United Nations, and enthusiastically embraced by our government. In the case of Local Government, a major assault on the basis of democracy is rapidly taking place.

The stripping away of core operations, and replacement with “Social Well-beings” is well underway.  The fact that your council, NCC, currently has seven permanent paid appointees, who have been appointed by a very manipulative mayor, should alone give you pause for thought as to where democracy is heading. Your council has lost its moral compass.

Additionally – a media that has been bought with your money to the tune of $55 million to sell government agendas, is not a good look.  To prove the point, you will have repeatedly noticed exposure of candidates of certain political persuasion, but nothing in the print media on the critical issues that I have been forced to put out by other means – Email and Facebook, or travel to Parliament buildings to put the case against race based representation.  Both local editors have received copies of everything that I have put out in the public arena, but not one has been reported on.  Seven Sharp is the only media outlet that has had the integrity to do what is right – allow the other side “to be heard”.

If you need absolute proof of government agendas being pushed by your local councillors – look no further than Brian McGurk. Brian is an unashamed Labour Party operative who has now got you trapped into a massive public transport programme, property purchases, elimination of more carparks and establishment of a bus terminal at Millers Acre, far away from its current very convenient central site.  Such immense damage is being done to our city and its people by several current so-called councillors, all to appease their ideological mistresses and masters.

Moving on to further bad policies developed by the current council:

Flying in the face of NCC’s own climate emergency policy, staff had the gall to issue 7000 notices to homeowners claiming that because the sea is predicted to rise, they must move to higher ground. How obscene is that?  This council is disgracefully manipulative.  Who else would promote the building of a library at high tide level, while allowing staff to indulge in such corruption?  I wouldn’t be here tonight if the obscene behaviour surrounding the Trafalgar Centre fiasco by many dishonest people had been allowed to be exposed.

Your council and country is wallowing in deceit and deception, which will only be corrected when good men do their duty and rise up against the abuse of power.

For years, in my attempts to expose the collusion, corruption, and fraud that permeates Local Government, I have put up with a frequent comment — “Stirring again I see” — but it’s very satisfying to now find people writing to me, very appreciative of what I am exposing.

Nine years ago I was alerted to the skullduggery that surrounds the Trafalgar Centre fiasco. Initially, I along with a very competent team, did our best to gently point out to the mayor and CEO that all the information they were receiving was wrong. For reasons best known to them, they decided to pull the shutters down, close ranks, proceed to tough it out, and defend the indefensible.

The worst part about all this, is the fact that the Stoke Centre was a repeat of the Trafalgar Centre fiasco and now, unbelievably, a proposed new library is being promoted without one shred of factual information to support this ridiculous proposition. If there’s one thing I have learnt during this campaign, it’s people are sick of glib insincerity.  They want straight practical talk.

Finally my punchline.

I am the only candidate who has consistently and unambiguously stated that if you are concerned for the viability and recovery of your city – the Southern Link and adequate parking are the only solutions, and are urgently needed.

There’s no more to say, really.