7 October 2022

Your Excellency, The Right Honourable Dame Cindy Kiro
Governor-General of New Zealand
Government House
Private Bag 39995

Dear Madam,  

RE: UNDRIP – “Is fundamentally Incompatible with New Zealand’s Constitutional and Legal Arrangements”. 

Hopefully, Mr Michael Webster, Clerk of the Executive Council has fulfilled his duty and has advised the Governor General that Prime Minister, the Hon John Key allowed Hon Pita Sharples to sign the Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People on the 19 April 2010 that was, fundamentally incompatible with New Zealand’s constitutional and legal arrangements, did not have authority from Parliament, did not have a Government definition of the indigenous people of New Zealand and did it without the People of New Zealand knowing. Hon John Key allowed UNDRIP to be signed on his own and in secret! 

See attached emails below to Mr Michael Webster, Clerk of the Executive Council and attachments, Explanation of vote to the General Assembly, John Key Destroys New Zealand’s Democracy and  https://www.stuff.co.nz/national/3599153/NZ-does-U-turn-on-rights-charter.

This statement by Hon Pita Sharples to the United Nations when compared with Rosemary Banks, New Zealand’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, was a lie and has absolutely no evidence to support it, expecially. “Māori as the original inhabitants – the tangata whenua – of New Zealand”.

It is the Governor Generals responsibility to repeal the Hon John Key signing the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People immediately. Without this, the Governor General is failing in her duties on behalf of the King and to all the people of New Zealand. Queen Victoria made the tangata Maori British Subjects with the same rights as the people of England, No more.no less!  

Yours sincerely,

Ross Baker.

Researcher, One New Zealand Foundation Inc. Website: www.onenzfoundation.co.nz.