The Daily Mail, the paper that cheered on Hitler, the National Union of Fascists and the Black and Tan murder gang is at it again. This time, they are headlining the “peace keeping” activities of Ukraine’s frontline soldiers with such headlines as We’re Hunting Them Down and Shooting Them Like Pigs. The rest of that article explains “How the Ukrainians are taking brutal revenge on the collaborators who’ve betrayed their neighbours – and country – to the Russians”. These collaborators, the article tells us, include “Natalia Romanychenko, a former actress who sells dumplings and sausages online… a single mother, she posts pictures on social media of her two young sons in Soviet military uniform”.

Let’s first take stock that the editors and sub editors in The Daily Mail, one of Britain’s major news outlets, are blasé about Ukraine’s Armed Forces committing what are indisputably war crimes, irrespective of what mitigating circumstances they or Ukraine’s own culpable soldiers concoct. Let’s now also take stock that the Western media also noted but glossed over similar war crimes by their “moderate rebels” in Syria and Libya and that similar war crimes by Israel are literally a daily occurrence on the West Bank and in Jerusalem. Let’s therefore agree that any criticisms NATO media outlets like the Daily Mail level at Russia are, as a consequence of their complicity in Ukraine’s war crimes, worthless.

Let’s now also agree that the Daily Mail’s editors and sub editors and all like them are quite happy with that state of affairs which in the case of Western Russian/Eastern Ukraine, they have reported on with respect to the unfortunates of the Alley of Angels for at least the last eight years. As we are on the Internet, let’s now drag in Hitler, whose civilian subjects said they knew nothing about the war crimes the Wehrmacht and their Ukrainian allies committed from 1941 to 1945 and note that NATO have no such excuse as the Daily Mail is admitting what their Waffen SS worshipping heroes are up to in Western Russia this very day.

Hitler, as it happens, was nominated for the 1939 Nobel Peace Prize, which has since been awarded to a number of other war criminals, as well as Vietnamese patriot Le Duc Tho, who refused to accept it, as probably Russian Foreign Minister Lavrov will when and if his turn comes. Though Lavrov’s diplomatic efforts to avoid war in Ukraine might have put him in the running, we all know he had no chance of winning, as the Nobel Peace Prize, as well as the Literature and Economic Prizes, are baubles NATO aligned Norway and Sweden are instructed to dispense not on merit but to further NATO’s needs.

NATO did not disappoint with this year’s Peace Prize which was shared between NATO front groups in Ukraine and Russia, as well as a light weight throwaway NATO agent in Belarus. […]

We’re Hunting Them Down and Shooting Them Like Pigs, by Declan Hayes — STRAIGHT LINE LOGIC