from the Times of Israel

As the United States presses allies, including Israel, to hastily build for Ukraine a patchwork air defense network, there does not appear to be any change in the Yair Lapid goverment’s policy of refusing to provide military aid to Ukraine.

Since the early days of the war, senior Ukrainian officials have asked Israel to send its missile defense systems, especially Iron Dome, in public addresses and in private conversations with decision-makers in Jerusalem.

Israel has repeatedly rebuffed Kyiv’s requests for defensive weapons, specifically the missile defense systems that could be used to fend off Russian airstrikes, despite expressing sympathy for the country’s plight.

The issue was even more pressing this week after Moscow pummeled Ukraine with missiles, damaging energy facilities nationwide and leaving at least 20 people dead.

The Foreign Ministry told The Times of Israel it does not comment on the issue, and Lapid’s office declined to comment as well.

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