No, this is not a photo of the entrance door to a loo in a Jacinda government department where you would expect it, but in McDonalds, Johnsonville, a pic by Andi Cockcroft.

The top line says “Disabled toilet”, the second “Bi-gender” and the bottom next to the handle “pull”.

Those little pictograms next to the door handle might explain that, but why no English next to the Maori words? What is the purpose of this Wokeism? To get favours from Jacinda government departments, or perhaps the result of a deal done with them? We wonder how many people are going to recognise what these words mean. There are many Maori who know some words of Te Reo, but are a long way from being fluent in it. What about tourists?

There will be many more going to think ‘you won’t recognise my mother tongue [English] so Stuff you, I won’t give you any more of my business.’

Of course, there are plenty who think — why go to McDonalds anyway, you get better value for money elsewhere. This will only reinforce that feeling.