by Cam Slater on theBFD

The trouble with socialism and communism, or indeed fascism, is that while people tend to vote in these regimes, they usually end up having to shoot their way out of them. Tyrants are addicted to power like it’s crack cocaine. This tyrant is no different; she wants to extend her powers until 2025.

Newshub reports:

Newshub can reveal that the Government is seeking to extend COVID-19 restriction powers for another two years.

Newshub has just been leaked a proposal. It’s documentation in which the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet proposes that the legislation which underpins COVID-19 restrictions stay in place until 2025.

It wants the Act extended from its expiry date of May next year to May 2025.

It says this will ensure that the powers required to respond to COVID-19 – including new variants – remain available to the Government. 

This comes as most countries are winding back their COVID-19 responses and it’s likely going to cause upset among the business community.

These are the powers that would allow the Prime Minister to suspend parliament, and not hold elections. After her speech at the United Nations, you’ve got to believe that is a possibility.

Those same restrictions also allow her to control freedom of speech, freedom of movement, and to continue to subjugate the media.

Checkpoint Chippy. Photoshopped image credit Boondecker. The BFD.

Tyrants really don’t like giving up their power, and it appears that Jacinda Ardern is no different. As the rest of the world moves on this petty tyrant is trying to extend her control until 2025.

Be afraid, be very afraid.