Death by stoning. This is the cruel fate that Amal is facing in Sudan. She’s only 20 years old, and a judge decided she deserved to be tortured to death for adultery in the first stoning sentence in a decade.

But there is still hope: Amal has appealed to the verdict, and the court could overturn the sentence and save her life.

There’s no time to waste: Amal is stuck in jail until the court decides her fate — so let’s shine a bright spotlight on her case with a global show of solidarity and outrage. Add your name now and when it’s massive, we’ll take our call directly to key governments Sudan is trying to court, so they demand Amal’s release. Sign now and share with everyone.

Amal’s trial was a sham: she was even denied a lawyer to defend her after reports that the police obtained a confession illegally. Amal had moved back home after separating from her husband — now she’s facing brutal execution for adultery.

Three years ago, women were at the forefront of the Sudanese revolution. But today they are still denied equal rights and participation in public life. And as shocking as it is, Amal’s case is part of a wider attack on women’s rights following the military coup that interrupted Sudan’s democratic revolution.

We can’t stand idly by as Sudan’s military tries to bring back the country to the dark times of Omar al-Bashir’s brutal ultra-conservative dictatorship. The new rulers of Khartoum are trying to normalize their relations with big powers like the United States — and massive outrage from Avaaz members around the world could become a thorn in their side they can’t ignore. 

Stand with Amal against her stoning death sentence