22 October 2022

It’s one year today since I sat down in the hallway of our little rental, with the gentle light of a sunny spring afternoon falling through the leadlight window of our front door, and offered up my heart and my total vulnerability, to speak out against the violence and brutality of Jacinda Ardern as she bullied, coerced and blackmailed our gentle and trusting Kiwi nation into ignoring the best part of our national soul.

With her honeyed words of “safe and effective” and her assurances that this would stop transmission of the imagined threat (and it was an imagined threat, now that we can see it in the ruthless light of hindsight), this prime minister inveigled Kiwis in our thousands into trusting something that is still even now, in its experimental phase. She forced many Kiwis, through mandates and the fear of losing jobs and homes, to go against their better instincts and to put something deep inside their bodies in a cruel violation of the great Kiwi Free Will.

Now one year on, what are we going to do to come together in Love and mutual respect and support again- the old Kiwi ways- and find a way to bypass and rise above the terrible paths of wrongdoing and mendacity into which this Labour government has led our once fine and feisty and intrepid little country? We must forgive one another through the one path to real healing — open and free communication. And to do that, we must rid ourselves of the plague of censorship and bullying and lying that has poured like sewerage, from the minds and mouths of Cindy and her sorry band. They will be remembered by History as criminal in their intent and their actions.

But we Kiwis are so much better than the sum of their sorry parts and policies. We can find ways to share and honour each other across the vast divides that Labour has planted and manufactured. We will find our way back. Truth-telling, listening to each other’s pain and confusion and hurt, offering Love and finding Faith in a divine source of that Love, are all ways in which the healing waters can be helped to flow once more over our brutalised nation.

We are Kiwis. In the bonds of Love we can meet once more. Please God, hear our voices, we entreat: God Defend Our Free Land.

Liz Gunn