(National Party media release)

Teslas aren’t the only flash cars farmers and tradies are being made to subsidise, with people buying luxury brands like Audi, BMW and even a Porsche Cayenne receiving handouts, National’s Transport spokesperson Simeon Brown says.

“Data from NZTA shows the Government has spent at least $7 million helping to get some 1400 lucky Kiwis behind the wheel of a range of high-end sports cars.

“Included in the list of vehicles the Government has sent taxpayer money to are 325 BMWs, 114 Audis, 64 Mercedes-Benz, and even one Jaguar and one Porsche.

“That’s on top of the $40.9 million that Transport Minister Michael Wood today confirmed has been paid out to buyers of Teslas.

“All up, Labour has spent almost $50 million subsidising already wealthy people into luxury cars, while doing nothing to support low-income earners into cleaner vehicles.

“These subsidies are being paid for by hardworking farmers and tradies who, with no viable electric options available, are being taxed for purchasing the vehicles they need to do their work.   

“The clean car rebate and car tax are a reverse-Robin Hood scheme. Hardworking Kiwis are being taxed for the vehicles they need, only for the proceeds to subsidise millionaires into high end luxury cars.”