This title of this romance novel from 1989 was the French translation of a book originally published in English as The Lord of the Lodge.

The original blurb–

Her trip did have a hidden purpose.

But it wasn’t one she could reveal to Brent Tremaine, the handsome, arrogant owner of Leisure Lodge, on New Zealand’s Kapiti Coast — no matter how attracted she was to him.

For though she was staying as a guest, Lana’s real interest was in a man who worked for Brent – the father Lana had never known.

The last thing in the world she intended was to cause trouble for anyone. Yet when Brent entirely misinterpreted her interest in the older man, Lana found herself almost overwhelmed by the conflicts raging around her!

The French translator seemed more impressed with the delights of the Kapiti Coast–

“The sea burned by the sun seemed like a diamond with a thousand blond facets. A translucent light danced on the waves rippled by a light breeze. And in the hazy blueish distance Kapiti Island extended its mysterious forests. It was there in this magic decor of New Zealand that Lana came upon a whim… to find adventure.”