This should have been obvious by now, particularly with the shift of Leftist proclamations of “Global Warming” to “Climate Justice.” In terms of air pollution, by far the worst polluters are China and India, but they never get mentioned. Apparently, it’s only per capita rich countries that pollute.

We’re not just talking about air pollution from inefficient burning of fossil fuels which China and India are responsible for a great deal of — what about the billions of people who live in the Third World — don’t they breathe out CO2 and fart CH4 as do livestock? Leftists ignore that consideration completely.

The Jacinda government has just announced that it is contributing $20 million from the Emissions Trading Scheme (read fuel tax) to allegedly give to overpopulated poorer countries; but of course, it will all go to the elites in charge of those countries and the ordinary people won’t see any of it.

from Summit News

Climate activist Greta Thunberg has gone fully mask off and is now calling for the overthrow of “the whole capitalist system.”

Thunberg made the extremist comments during an appearance on Sunday night at London’s Royal Festival Hall to promote her new ‘Climate Book’.

Nicholas Harris from UnHerd was there to watch Thunberg outline her demented manifesto.

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