Imagine being so desperate for work that you left your family behind to live in a squalid camp, toiling in the desert heat for as little as $1 an hour. Then you died, alone, and your family got nothing.

Imagine that those who treated you like a slave would rake in billions while the family you left behind spiraled down deeper into poverty.

FIFA decided to let Qatar’s despotic regime host the World Cup, and since then thousands of desperate and vulnerable migrant workers have reportedly died.

That’s 39 modern-day slaves who died for every goal expected to be scored.

FIFA is under pressure to set aside $440 million for these workers — the same amount that will be awarded to the competing teams. Rights groups, footballers, and even some of the World Cup’s top corporate sponsors are part of the push. But with less than two weeks until kickoff, we need to make this call massive to get FIFA to do the right thing. So sign now and we’ll deliver your voices straight to FIFA.

Despite warnings, FIFA chose a host country well known for using forced labor and for abusing poor and desperate migrant workers. FIFA helped create this problem, and now it has to help solve it.

Getting a huge organization like FIFA to do the right thing can feel like an uphill battle. But public pressure works, especially when it starts to hurt profits. Even four of the World Cup’s top corporate sponsors – Budweiser, McDonalds, Coca Cola, and Adidas – support compensating workers. And so do 84% of football fans who are likely to tune into the matches, according to a recent poll.

We only have days before the lights go up on the first game, shifting global attention to the matches, and not the people who worked – and died – in the sweltering heat and inhumane conditions to make the Qatar World Cup a reality. Don’t let FIFA profit off abuse. Sign now to demand that they set aside $440 million to compensate migrant workers.

Avaaz stands up for human rights and workers’ rights around the world. Already in 2015 Avaaz urged Qatar to end its modern slavery ahead of the World Cup, receiving almost a million signatures. In the years since, the Qatar government has taken steps to address these issues, but more can be done!

Don’t let FIFA profit off abuse!

With hope and determination,
Bieta, Nate, Christine, Miguel, Ahmed, Luis, Marta and the rest of the Avaaz team

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