from USSA News

“The mainstream media are doing their best to not talk about the stunning apparent connection between the Democrats sending billions in so-called ‘aid’ to Ukraine, Ukraine sending boatloads of cash to FTX Crypto, and FTX sending so much money to the Democrat Party that they are second only to George Soros as theit largest donor.

“If this was happening to the Republican Party, it would already be a 5-part mini-series on Liberal-leaning Netflix. But because it impacts the ‘big guy’ Brain-Dead Biden and the Democrats, it is being swept under the proverbial rug. And what an amazing coincidence that after the Democrats score a totally unexpected win in the Midterms, FTX gets thrown under the bus and goes bankrupt. But I am sure that’s not an alleged indicator of alleged backroom dirty dealings and then allegedly trying to destroy the alleged evidence or anything.” 

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