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The case against cats: Why Australia has declared war on feral felines | CNN

We live in the age of the war machine. The purpose of the war machine is not to produce victory. The purpose of the war machine is to produce war; war unending; war on everything; permission to think the unthinkable and excuse to do that which is inexcusable. It is the triumph of the terrible and the tyrannical. the war on covid, poverty, injustice, drugs, terrorism: it’s all the same. war is the worst of humanity. It is the end of cooperation, the end of rationality, the abrogation of ethics. War is permission to “do what it takes to win”

This cannot be the way. War is the end of good choices and the embrace of conflict, the end of citizenship and the pursuit of subjugation. It is the end of humanity and the beginning of amoral destruction of the enemy. Perfect for politicians; anathema to the free breath of we the people. This is jingo as justification; and this war machine will roll right over you and if it does its job well you will never even guess at the real reasons why. 

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