An article from April, but as Biden’s war drags on with no end in sight, it’s worth posting now.

by Ron Paul

At the beginning of “Putin’s War” — which should really be called “Biden’s War” — since it was Creepy Joe’s reluctance to consider even modest measures to avoid this conflict that caused it — I predicted four stages completing sometime in April, maybe May, given the unpredictable, if not unprecedented nature of events.

Those 4 stages I will restate as corresponding to :

  1. establishment of military supremacy on land, sea, and air
  2. demilitarization
  3. denazification
  4. constitutional reform of the Ukrainian State

Military supremacy was achieved in the first week or so and the UAF’s best forces. which had been preparing for a “final solution” to the two republics which had the temerity to be Russian, were left isolated in Donbass, without the ability to maneuver or resupply. Simply put theUAF was hamstrung.

Although Putin effectively won the war at this early stage, the aims of his operation were different from any in modern history —not conquest — but the preservation of civilian life and infrastructure, a war based on principle and not just on expediency as has been the case of all American wars. His was a John Boyd War — physical warfare of course but also “psychological“ ”and “moral (morale) warfare”.

“Demilitarization” means just that : destruction of the Ukraine’s military capabilities. Advanced gun control, if you like. Before you turn swords into ploughshares, you have away the swords and set up a forge and do some work.

Success in this kind of operation is obviously essential to “denazification” — melting down the swords — the ultimate aim of mental warfare in the Ukraine. Putin knew that he could not compete with the Empire of Lies’ sophisticated, all-inclusive propaganda machine and I don’t think he wanted to even try.

He knew that the rewards of propaganda are usually transient. Reality wins over virtuality in the end, especially in this day of alternative media. Lie and you end up hated when people realize they were tricked.

Demonstrating integrity takes longer trust but the trust you build is solid. People may not like what you say, but if you are honest and give them choices and keep your word, they will respect you, even if they are not want to go for beer with you. Mind you, such respect hast to be mutual.

By contrast, fascists are all about power, which is maintained through violence. There are those above and those below. Those below are not worth of respect — only those above.

So these people exploit fear, frustration and hatred, with violent attacks on those who don’t fit in such as the Roma and LGBT people in Ukraine. After that they turn on anyone who does not comply with the order they impose or the perfect the world that is their ultimate aim — -a black and white, up-down world with no nuances or compromises. They use propaganda to lie about their goals and actions and inevitably blame their victims or their opponents. As I said, theirs is a black and white world. You’re black; they’re white.

Now that they are losing “bigly” the Ukrainain Banderites resort to false flags, which chiefly appeal to the West, which does not care if they are true or not but whether they fit the script.

Locally, however, as propaganda is exposed for what it is as it must be in the end, trust is destroyed — and only fear remains. Locally, people suffer the results in daily life. For Westerners, this war is abstract; a thing of the imagination: they do not bleed as people in the Ukraine do.

Say thank you to Elon Musk for his contribution of Star Link, which provides people internet access — which means access to other points of view including Russian news. You can’t watch RT in Canada but you can on Star Link.

With the help of the CIA, the Ukrainian Nazis have infiltrated almost all of the Ukraine’s institutions, from political parties to the bureaucracy to local governments to education to the media, their aim being the creation of a neo-Banderite, neo-Galician state. Keep these things in mind, Ukrainian fascism is an imported disease; it did spring from local culture.

Even if the UAF is crushed and destroyed, the fascists will still have to be identified and hunted down in all the nooks and crannies of society. They are like roaches — an infestation. That’s “denazification”.

War crimes tribunals could help. And there are plenty of war crimes to prosecute. Since most of those war crimes were carried out in Russian Ukraine, the people there can and should handle come-uppance — not only for the guys with the swastikas tattooed on their backs, but for collaborators who profited from compliance with the Bad Guys. That includes the members of many local governments.

Watch for a lot of people suddenly repenting — instantly converted to the cause of pluralistic democracy. This is already happening. The refrain is, “They made me do it!” Or: “I had no choice”. “Or: “what could I do?”

Some analysts estimated Russian forces were initially in excess of 200,000. However, more recently it seems that my early estimate of just 100,000 is a better number. This, against the UAF’s original force of 300,000 to 400,000, the second largest and one of the best equipped militaries in Europe. Keep in mind that Ukraine is also twice the size of Germany. So the Russian success is immense — and something that has definitely not gone unnoticed in the Pentagon, who are now backpedaling their support for Ukraine.

Of course, the invasion force in Donbass was smaller than the Ukraine’s total forces but it was best equipped, with the most fascist extremists, the Ukraine’s version of beserkers.

Putin’s strategy was masterful and while accomplished at some expense, it has minimized civilian casualties and damage to infrastructure.

From an American point of view, this policy is impractical — because Americans consider war only as “physical” (to use Boyd’s word). While Russians are willing to make sacrifices in war for what they believe — for principle, Americans aren’t. Their wars are never moral.

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