Many will see this as quite fitting: an invitation from one corrupt, brutal regime to another. What more does Zelensky have to say that he hasn’t been spouting since February and slavishly repeated by the Mainstream Media? It will include the standard demand for more money, naturally. $US 91 billion from Biden isn’t enough.

RNZ understands arrangements are being made for Zelensky to speak via video link to MPs.

Zelensky has spoken to many parliaments around the world since the start of the Russian invasion in February, appealing for more help in Ukraine’s war against Russia.

He would become just the second head of a foreign government to address New Zealand’s Parliament.

The first was Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard who spoke in the debating chamber about the trans-Tasman relationship in 2011.

A date for Zelensky’s address has not yet been set, but it is understood it won’t be this week.

It could happen in the next sitting block, before Parliament adjourns for the summer.

The Business Committee, a group of cross party MPs who decide on the business of Parliament, would have to discuss the address before it could happen.

It’s understood its members are yet to be consulted about the speech.

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