meme by Chris Walker

Comment by a former NZ judge and Law Lecturer

In June 2022, Anthony Willy, former Judge and Law Lecturer, said

“The catch cry ‘democracy does not work for Maori’ has become the mantra for the destruction of democracy.

Quite simply we are witnessing a coup designed to dismantle our democracy and the Rule of Law and replace it with the worst form of tribalism coupled with the greed of those who want what they have not earned.”

The rollout of the Government’s He Puapua plan to establish Maori sovereignty by 2040 is proceeding at breathtaking speed.

We are living in revolutionary times. It is a coup, by a small number of iwi elite who have their hands on the levers of power thanks to our Prime Minister’s willingness to sacrifice New Zealand democracy for totalitarian tribal rule.

Virtually every facet of our society is now subjected to their influence with their latest ‘conquest’, the legal system, by replacing Western Common law that has evolved over hundreds of years with Maori tribal practices.

Replacing democracy with tribal rule is so extreme, that Jacinda Ardern knew she would lose the 2020 General Election if her plan became known. As a result, she kept He Puapua hidden from her New Zealand First coalition partner – and from the public – until after she had secured the power to govern alone.

None of the significant changes, which are undermining democracy and our Kiwi way of life that are being introduced through He Puapua, have received a mandate from the public. 

The restructuring of health, polytechnics, our legal system, and water services are all illegitimate policy changes designed to pass control to the tribal elite. None have public approval.

In this climate of division created by Jacinda Ardern, key institutions are being corrupted from their original purpose of serving all New Zealanders as equals, to prioritising and privileging those of Maori descent. Under her leadership, democracy is being replaced by apartheid.

Jacinda Ardern is not doing this alone. Supporting her are the powerful members of Labour’s 15-strong Maori Caucus. 

He Puapua is dangerous, it spells the end of one law for all, and of DEMOCRACY,  He Puapua must go.
New Zealand, we cannot remain silent, we must voice & demonstrate our opposition to He Puapua now!

Terry Sims,

for Democracy & Equality