A memory card from a tabulation machine was mislaid, overlooked but then rediscovered. It makes fairly apparent why there have been so many allegations of fraud and tampering in recent American elections, some of which in the case of the Democrats were probably true. It raises the question: could this happen in Jacindaland given the nature of the two parties presently in power? The answer is it would be a lot more difficult as all parliamentary votes are by pen on paper so they can be rechecked; while there is early voting, there are no mail-in ballots (as in local elections); and the parties can appoint scrutineers.

by Roman Balmakov on The Epoch Times

After the midterm election in Cobb County, Georgia, was over, and all of the winners for the local races were already called, someone happened to discover a memory card lying around that was previously overlooked.

This was a memory card from one of the tabulation machines containing vote counts that were previously not included in the official tallies. And so, after they were added back in and the results of the elections were recertified, the winner of the local city council race was actually flipped.

That’s because, prior to this memory card fiasco, Madelyn Orochena was originally declared to be the winner of a post on the city council within the city of Kennesaw, located in Cobb County. After a recount, the winner is now Lynette Burnette.

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