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Above: Anti-Lockdown protesters in Victoria demand the sacking of Dan Andrews.

05-12-2022: If we are to believe what we are being told, Dictator Dan Andrews in the Australian state of Victoria has been re-elected after the November 26 polling day with an increased majority. The Victorian election “results” appeared to follow the pattern of the Australian Federal election in May, which was “won” by the Australian Labor Party (ALP) with an increase in support for the Australian Greens. As in the Federal Election, the overall Victorian election result was called with only about 65% of the vote counted, with the ALP’s Dan Andrews supposedly defeating the Liberal Party’s Matthew Guy.[1] Also as in the Federal Election, a raft of anti-lockdown, anti-mandate and pro-freedom parties ran in the election, directly opposing the ALP and the Greens on the tyrannical and almost indescribable political repression conducted under the guise of “Covid”. And again, voters were warned that there would be a “slow count” in the election due to many people conducting pre-poll voting.[2]

Inhuman lockdowns

What exactly is going on? How could Dictator Dan Andrews – arguably one of the most despised politicians in modern political history – win an election with an increased majority? To add insult to injury, a bronze statue of Dan Andrews will be installed at the state government office at 1 Treasury Place in Melbourne, as Victorian premiers who serve more than 3000 days in office are entitled.[3] It is as if the ruling class are sending a message to all and sundry that you may protest against lockdowns, but you will still be punished in the end. It should hardly need re-stating that the ALP, with Dictator Dan at the helm, subjected Melbourne to the longest lockdowns on the face of the planet. Working people in Melbourne endured six (!) lockdowns, lasting a total of 262 days.[4] The scientifically absurd lockdowns were also some of the harshest, with the utilisation of severe police repression. Perhaps the worst incident was the pepper spraying of an elderly woman in the face, after she had been knocked down while running from police lines during a freedom protest.[5]

Anti-lockdown protestors at the Shrine of Remembrance in Melbourne were shot in the back by police with rubber bullets, with some claiming they fired at groups which included children.[6] The police also used rubber bullets, pepper spray, foam batons and smoke bombs against strong and burly construction workers who mobilised against Covid state terror. This included members of the Construction Forestry Mining and Energy Union (CFMEU), who were also protesting against the treachery of their officials, especially John Setka – who had backed Dictator Dan on enforcing Covid vaccine mandates in the construction industry.[7] The extreme violence of the capitalist state against working people bravely defending themselves and their families ensured that the line between so-called liberal democracy and fascism had been crossed, and things would never be the same again.

“Vote count” continues

No matter how many pre-poll votes were cast, it is fanciful to suggest that counting needs to continue for days or weeks after an election. Prior to Covid this was never the case in Australia. Victoria only has around 4.3 million people[8] who are enrolled to vote, so counting them with an army of officials should not take weeks. While voting in Australia has always been conducted using paper ballots, the Victorian Electoral Commission (VEC) even said that computerised rechecks (?) of votes are being used for selected districts with high candidate numbers.[9] This is farcical. While it is the case that, given the influence of big business over the major parties, it is difficult to win electoral victories over them, it is scarcely plausible that the ALP and Dan Andrews remained popular, let alone increased support, after three years of imposing mind boggling and harmful mandates from facemasks to vaccines to physical lockdowns. Dan Andrews rarely ventured out in public during the election campaign, because there would have been pickets against him wherever he went. Does this indicate a popular leader?

Polling booth workers reported that many people were ignoring ALP how to vote cards on November 26. Many Victorians blamed the entire ALP, and not just Dictator Dan, for the harm caused during the alleged “pandemic”. The opposition Liberal Party perhaps could have won the election if they had campaigned against lockdowns and the extraordinary “pandemic powers”. Yet they were a part of it, and so that task fell to a raft of anti-Dan Andrews and pro-freedom parties. These included the Freedom Party of Victoria, One Nation, the United Australia Party, the Democratic Labour Party, Family First, the Liberal Democrats and Angry Victorians.[10] While it is true that these parties – on almost all other issues – can be described as conservative and right-wing, their defence of basic civil liberties and democratic rights in the face of irrational and almost unrestrained Covid despotism places them on the side of the working class, irrespective of their own personal political inclinations.

“Socialists” for hire

The same cannot be said for the self-described “socialist” parties who ran candidates in the Victorian election. On the contrary, their pro-lockdown and pro-mandate stance places them squarely on the side of finance capital and the ruling class regardless of their own self-image as “revolutionaries”. The Victorian Socialists, driven by Socialist Alternative, potentially did have an opportunity to get a “socialist” into parliament[11] – given that they claim around 500 activists[12] nationally. The smaller Socialist Alliance also ran candidates, running on the classless slogan of “community need not corporate greed”.[13] In practice, however, these parties are about as left-wing as a pack of galahs.

One cannot be left-wing, let alone socialist under any description, by joining with the police and the capitalist state to enforce horrific repression of workers under the guise of a real or imagined virus. No matter how much they may deny it, these “left” parties are an extension of the ALP – and in this case, of Dictator Dan Andrews. These parties were unable to comprehend how liberalism was employed by big capital to impose “medical fascism” during Covid and found themselves a constituent part of it. Liberalism remains on the same class plain as fascism, and imperialism can turn the dial either way, or use a combination of the two if the profitability of generalised commodity production faces a serious enough challenge.

During the make-believe “pandemic”, the ruling class did not bother creating a separate fascistic extra-parliamentary party to oversee Covid repression. They instead used liberal and supposedly social-democratic parties to administer and oversee the state during this crisis. This was perhaps due to the fact that the conservative establishment parties contained some libertarian-inclined politicians who were prepared to at least verbally oppose some aspects of Covid totalitarianism. Hence, the Australian ruling class passed the baton to the ALP, the Greens and penny arcade “socialists” who dutifully enforced facemasks, deadly vaccines, border closures, economic shutdowns and concentration camps. Aside from the multiple levels of harm inflicted on entirely innocent people, one result of the political crimes of the so-called left is to even further besmirch the very concept of socialism, at a time when capitalism faces cascading crises stemming from the rotting alive of its system of exploitation.

Bending elections

From the USA to Brazil to Australia,[14] elections are being bent – to a greater or lesser degree – so that pro-lockdown, pro-mandate “liberal world order” parties and candidates “win”. In Victoria, the election results have been adjusted to ensure the “victory” of arguably the world’s harshest Covid tyrant, and the party which has been the most loyal enforcer of lockdown madness – the ALP. The Greens – also enthusiastic mandate gendarmes – are rewarded with a few extra seats here and there. All types of methods are used, from fixing voting machines to mail-in ballots, to ballot harvesting, to taking days, weeks or months to “count” the votes. Granted, in capitalist elections, it is very difficult to make electoral inroads against the major parties given their state backed resources. Yet even so, the Western ruling classes are using more or less open fraud to ensure that freedom parties are basically barred from sending small numbers of representatives into state and federal parliaments.

These acts are of enormous significance because it signals the final undoing of so-called liberal democracy. The crisis of capitalism is so deep, and so intractable, that Western ruling classes need to fix elections to ensure that their chosen representatives (or at least for now) remain on the government benches in what have become token parliaments. The freedom movement has bravely resisted Covid tyranny for three years, and many of them have thrown themselves into electoral campaigns in the hope that a pro-freedom party or candidate in a state or federal parliament will be able to block another rollout of a fear pandemic, economic shutdowns and the horror of concentration camps. Yet each time, the elites have simply activated their resources behind the scenes to produce their own results.

Even when the billionaire class saw no need to fix elections, bourgeois democracy was always a sham for working people. Marxists insist that there can be no democracy across different classes, and that democracy can only begin to become a reality once the class of the overwhelming majority – the working class – holds the reins of political power. Hence, what is required is a workers’ party which fights for a workers’ government. A revolutionary vanguard party would lead the toiling masses towards the collectivisation of the major means of production, infrastructure and banks in the name of society. Covid tyrants, dubious elections and much more would then be consigned to a dim past, where capitalism withers away and working people decide their own destiny.

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